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Grow Your Lawn Faster for a Similar Price with Hydroseeding Services from J.P. Murray.

J.P. A proven technology that has been around for more than 40 years, hydroseeding helps your lawn grow faster than dry seeding or installing sod, while also costing about the same.  Basically, we mix water, seed, fertilizer, mulch, and a tackifier inside a tank and then spray it on the prepared area.   

Grass begins to sprout within 5-7 days, and in about 3-4 weeks, you have a ready-to-mow lawn. 

Why Use Hydroseeding?

When first seeding your lawn, you can use hydroseeding, broadcast (dry) seeding, or sod installation.  In our experience, hydroseeding provides the best overall solution to helping your new lawn come to life because it:

  • Germinates much faster than dry seeding
  • Retains moisture much better than dry seeds
  • Contains absolutely no weed seeds
  • Doesn’t involve the removal of straw or netting
  • Is faster and easier to apply than sod or dry seed
  • Holds soil in place more effectively and reduces soil erosion
  • Provides the same quality as sod in just a few weeks, while costing 1/3 of sod installation
  • Requires far less watering than sod
  • Has a higher chance than sod of rooting properly to your lawn
  • Grows together instantly, whereas you have to wait for sod

Contact J.P. Murray for all your Hydroseeding Needs!

There’s a number of landscaping contractors to choose from throughout Massachusetts, so why choose us?  Simple, because we:

  • Listen to you carefully and the vision you have for your project
  • Maintain 100% honesty in all interactions with customers
  • Treat all interactions with you, your property, your neighbors, and your friends with the highest degree of respect
  • Are totally family owned and operated and take great pride in being an active part in the Billerica community
  • We own all of our own equipment
  • We are fully insured

J.P. Murray, Inc. hydroseeds lawns for residential and commercial property owners throughout Billerica, Bedford, Burlington, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Wilmington, and Westford. 

Contact us today to request a hydroseeding estimate. We require a site visit in order to provide you with accurate pricing to hydroseed your property.

Hydroseeding Lawns
Hydroseeding Lawns

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